Thick and Thin Tweets

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Thin Tweets

In his blog post “The Difference Between Thick and Thin Tweets,” media studies professor David Silver explains that thin tweets, which people post all the time, are those which “convey one layer of information.” For example:

Thick Tweets

Conversely, thick tweets, Silver explains, “convey two or more [layers of information], often with help from a hyperlink.” For example:

This tweet from literature professor Mark Sample offers four layers of information:

  1. it begins by targeting those who use (or are thinking of using) Twitter in the classroom,
  2. it references and directs followers to a Twitter account called @profhacker,
  3. it summarizes @profhacker’s article (i.e., “6 things to consider…”), and
  4. it provides a link to the article.

So please remember to post “thick” tweets when you’re tweeting for class participation. After all, our goals, like Professor’s Silver’s are the same: learning how “to craft creative, meaty, and to-the-point messages that attract other people’s attention.”

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