Matthew Perry Takes Down Idiotic Men (Quote of the Day)

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While I watched the 2012 Comedy Awards, this speech from Matthew Perry stuck out:

“This year we saw many hilarious performances by women, as well as many idiotic articles from men about how women suddenly became funny. Yes, imagine how great The Mary Tyler Moore Show would’ve been had Mary, Betty White, Cloris Leachman, and Valerie Harper actually been funny. If only Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Gilda Radner, or Julia Louis-Dreyfus had been able to get a laugh. I guess what I’m saying is this wasn’t the year women became funny; this was the year men finally pulled their heads out of their asses.”

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  • Kathy

    Ha! I LOVE it.

  • Michele Paule (@michele_paule)

    Matthew Perry Takes Down Idiotic Men (Quote of the Day):

  • Fredrik Gustafsson

    Unfortunately quite a few women have also ecstatically made the same claim as the men Perry refers to. For example I’ve ready many articles about how Bridesmaid was the first film in which women were funny. Such nonsense.

  • Kelli Marshall (@KelliMarshall)

    @kristenwarner Hellz yeah. That’s why I featured him on my blog in May. =)